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Fantasy Football Theme Teams To Troll Your League

If you’re bored with fantasy football, or just have too many teams and want to mess around with one of them (and piss off everyone else in that particular league), creating a theme team is one of the best ways to do it. Not only do you get a good laugh as people realize what’s happening on draft day (“DeSean Jackson in the first round?”), but there’s not much that feels better than actually winning a game with a joke of a team (literally). Try one of these suggestions:

Team Name:

It Don’t Matter If You’re Brown Or White

Team Logo


QB Charlie Whitehurst SD

WR Roddy White ATL

WR Antonio Brown PIT

WR Blair White IND

RB Donald Brown IND

RB Ronnie Brown SD

TE Les Brown MIA

K Josh Brown NYJ

DEF Cleveland Browns

Right off the bat, I wanted to make sure not to be the guy to propose an all-white fantasy team. Not only has that been done a million times, it’s pretty damn racist. I’m going in a different direction; all races are welcome on my theme teams. Gotta be an equal opportunity troll!

Team Name: 

The Jackson 5

Team Logo


QB Tarvaris Jackson BUF

WR DeSean Jackson PHI

WR Vincent Jackson TB

WR Marlon Moore MIA

RB Steven Jackson STL

RB Fred Jackson BUF

TE Jermaine Gresham CIN

K Michael Nugent CIN

DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

This team could almost compete in some fantasy leagues, if not for the giant hole at quarterback. It’s a bit tough to assemble in drafts, as you have to grab the two running backs in the first two rounds and then hope that either DeSean Jackson or Vincent Jackson (whichever receiver you don’t pick in the third round) falls to you in the fourth. It doesn’t always work out, but you usually get the guys you want. Once you’ve filled your fifth and final Jackson spot, I strongly recommend filling out the rest of your roster with guys who have the same first names as the members of The Jackson 5.

Team Name:

Heaven Let Your Light Shawn Down

Team Logo


QB Shaun Hill DET

WR DeSean Jackson PHI

WR Alshon Jeffery CHI

RB LeSean McCoy PHI

RB Marshawn Lynch SEA

RB Knowshon Moreno DEN

TE Visanthe Shiancoe NE

K Shaun Suisham PIT

DEF Houston Texans

You’re going to have to commit to pronouncing Texans as “Tekshawns” if you draft this team. Stick to your guns and tell everyone else in your league that they are pronouncing it wrong. Say that you went to college in Shawn Antonio, so you would know.

Team Name:

Gimme S’Moore


Team Logo

QB Matt Moore MIA

WR Denarius Moore OAK

WR Lance Moore NO

WR Marlon Moore MIA

RB Mewelde Moore IND

RB Knowshon Moreno DEN

TE Evan Moore CLE

K Olindo Mare CAR

DEF Baltimore Ravens

Damn… it’s really hard to get good quarterbacks on these theme teams. If Ryan Tannehill gets hurt, maybe you’ll have a shot at winning a game with this lineup.

Got your own theme team idea that’s better than these? Post it in the comments.

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