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LeSean McCoy Attempts To Ruin The Eagles’ Season–And His Fantasy Owners’–In The Span Of Five Seconds

Quick–what’s the worst thing a player on your favorite NFL team, or your fantasy team, could (realistically) say in an interview?

How about saying that he actually wants to be on the Madden cover? How about guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory for his team? How about calling his team a “dream team?”

Or, how about all three? In the span of just five seconds. This has to be some kind of season-ruining record:

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is clearly not afraid of curses, bad karma or probably anything at all. Maybe he knows something that none of us know. Maybe curses add up in a weird way and, if you accumulate all of them at once, they actually turn into a positive force.

Or, maybe he’s just a dumb kid who didn’t learn a thing from Vince Young’s disastrous “dream team” comment¬†prior to last season. Maybe he’s just the next scapegoat in a long line of them in Philly.

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