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New Dolphins Uniforms Coming In 2013 – Do We Have Our First Leak?

Update 4/25/2013: The complete set of new Dolphins uniforms just leaked. You can see them here. They do not feature the chrome helmet that was rumored in the post below.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has all but confirmed that his team will be sporting new uniforms for the 2013 season. Speaking on a conference call with season ticket holders last month, Ross said that he wants to bring a new look to the Dolphins’ stadium and uniforms. Since the Dolphins’ 2012 attire has already been unveiled (it will look exactly like the 2011 uniform, just with a Nike logo on the shoulder), that means the earliest the Dolphins can switch things up is 2013.

Now, it appears that we may have our first look at a prototype of what the Dolphins could be wearing two seasons from now. This image of what appears to be a silver Dolphins helmet with a chrome-orange facemask just leaked. Take a look:

It’s unclear where this image is from, but it looks to be legit. Update – July 7,2012: It appears to have been initially posted to Twitter by @jouranJD. I reached out to him to ask about the helmet’s authenticity and he insists that photo was snapped at “Nike headquarters.” I have been unable to verify this, but he has also posted many other photos that were clearly taken at some kind of Nike facility. I’m inclined to believe him.

The chrome Dolphins helmet may just be a prototype and perhaps its unlikely it will ever see the field, but it gives us an indication of the direction the Dolphins are looking. I’m not sure I’m a fan.

The Dolphins have stayed close to their original look, debuted in 1966, throughout the team’s history. The last major change made to the uniforms was in 1997, when the shades of aqua and coral (orange) were altered and navy blue accents were added to the uniforms.

[click to enlarge]

Despite this relatively conservative uniform history, one gets the feeling that anything goes when it comes to a new look for the ‘Phins. They will probably have to stay away from the black alternate uniforms that are frequently sported by the Miami Marlins and Miami Heat–those teams play in climate-controlled environments and the Dolphins do not–but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Dolphins decide to go with an ultra-modern new uniform design.

Below are some fan-created concepts for the Miami Dolphins. As always, these and many more awesome concepts can be found on the CCSLC forums.

First up is CCSLC user dsaline97, who stayed close to the Dolphins’ current design but added a neat sun design to the sleeves.

Designer thesprungo takes things a bit further with his Dolphins concept, adding a number font that fits with the Dolphins’ current wordmark and even creating a “fauxback” uniform to go with the set.

[click to enlarge]

A designer who goes by the name Lights Out posted this radical uniform concept on the CCSLC boards. It features a very interesting pants design (one only one leg) and an off-white color instead of plain white, which would be unique in the NFL.

[click to enlarge]

This next one might be my favorite Dolphins concept. It’s by vmd9. If I had to pick a concept that I think is the closest to what the Dolphins will unveil for 2013, it would be this one.

[click to enlarge]

Last up are a few concepts for a new Dolphins helmet, created by Julius Seizure.

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  1. Josephus

    July 10, 2012 at 10:22 am

    The helmet photo looks like it was taken at a hotel. Look at the background. The wallpaper, the stuff on the wall by the door…the chair the guy in the background is sitting on. This smacks of some hotel-oriented outing. Could be a Nike off-site or something. But that doesn’t look like Nike HQ to me.

    I have been a Dolphins fan for 40 years. They mess up these uniforms and deliver an NFL version of the Islanders fisherman uniform, I’m done. This ownership has zero respect for the team’s tradition despite what they say.

    Look at these teams: Raiders, Packers, Giants went retro, Jets went retro, Steelers, Niners went retro, Chiefs, Colts, Redskins, Bears, Bills went retro…..LOOK AT THIS LIST OF CLASSICS!

    No more indignities, please.

    And some of these fan examples…some of them would be acceptable.

  2. desert dolphin

    July 16, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    The helmet concepts look tight, its time for a change. Just look at some of the throwback jerseys the teams occasionally wear. Now that’s some ugly shit! Just think how the modern uniform’s would’ve been bashed by fans back then. It takes getting used to. The logo minus the little helmet on the dolphin is so cool too! Either way, fans should have a substantial vote/say on the final design, that’s the least we could be given for staying true.