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Official Chiefs Twitter Account Tells Fan To Get A Clue And Stop Being A Fan

Chiefs fan Travis Wright, presumably upset at his favorite team’s poor showing in Week 1, went on Twitter after the game to rant about his frustration. He wrote about the Chiefs’ four-year stay at the bottom of the league in terms of spending, calling team owner Clark Hunt “greedy.”

Here’s exactly what he posted:

Whoever runs the official Chiefs Twitter account saw what Wright posted, blocked him and then sent him this nasty direct message, which Wright took a screenshot of:

Wow. It doesn’t take a public relations expert to see that what the Chiefs’ social media team did was completely unprofessional and unacceptable. This is an embarrassment for the NFL.

Wright posted the story, as well as the screenshot above, on Reddit, where he received an outpouring of support. Soon after, many Twitter users began tweeting their support, too–and tweeting angry messages to the Chiefs.

Whoever’s behind the Chiefs account quickly realized what a monumental mistake he or she had made and posted the following message:

Obviously, this has the look of an “oh sh*t, I’m going to be fired” desperation apology. Regardless of this message, whoever wrote the original direct message still needs to be fired. In an era where social media is of critical importance to all sports leagues, a league with the profile of the NFL needs to be doing a much, much better job of managing its reputation.

Fans get upset. They rant. And it’s absolutely their right to do so. For a team to tell one of its fans to “get a clue” and stop being a fan is an embarrassment.

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